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Amy Wong Cosplay Gallery

Amy Wong Cosplay is here! This Cosplay was chosen by you all to say thank you for 2K/3K followers! I had so much fun taking these pictures and everyone thought it was so cool to see Amy Wong goofing around at Dave and Busters. lol I really hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I do! Thank you!

Food Network Meme

Food Network. all of us who love to cook most likely like to watch Food Network. Especially us who love to smoke pot and cook the outlandish amazing meals we see on there. We think yeah I can totally Gordon Ramsey that shit out and make an awesome dish. so we cook,eat, and promptly fall asleep after doing those leaving the cleaning to be left for our later selves.

Going to work meme

going to work
Going to work. We all hate it. especially on those days we aren’t feeling our best. We feel like trash, our place looks like trash, and chances are we look a little like trash too. But, we all must still get up and go to the employment cave and get that bread. more power to us all.

Millenials/Genz House Buying.

Millenials and Gen Z buying houses. Lets face it, it’s a nightmare. The housing market has been the worst it has ever been. Well, honestly, the housing market, the economy, society, politics, it’s all been the almost the worst it’s ever been. so, I guess the only logical thing to do is to make memes and jokes about it am i right? lol

Robosexual Amy

Robosexual Amy Wong. We all know Amy is openly robosexual, but Facebook, please I am not a robot, I’m not into robots, and i would prefer you not to accuse me of either. The robosexual episode on Futurama is hilarious if you haven’t watched it you should for a good laugh! Amy breaks up with Kif and her and Bender have the hook up of the century! it also turns out that the professor and Amy’s parents are very against robosexuals and try to break them apart at every turn!


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