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Anxiety/Depression - Calamity Space Station

Going to work meme

going to work
Going to work. We all hate it. especially on those days we aren’t feeling our best. We feel like trash, our place looks like trash, and chances are we look a little like trash too. But, we all must still get up and go to the employment cave and get that bread. more power to us all.

ADHD and my Brain.

ADHD and my brain. I always hate the feeling of having something on the tip of my tongue and forgetting it instantly. or, even worse, forgetting it as soon as I need to remember it. and no matter how many times i repeat it to myself or even if I write it down I’m still going to forget or lose the paper i wrote it on. It’s a struggle, but i’m trying. lol

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland. I have always related to Alice and the wonderland inside her mind. I think more and more people are starting to see all the correlation to trauma and stress and the it can take on our minds and hearts to cope with it all. why wouldn’t our minds try to find a way to escape from it all? but then, what happens when we realize that we’ve created a space of wonder so strong within ourselves now that we also find it difficult to escape and let go from that world as well?

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